Moyamoya Australia

Moyamoya Australia


Moyamoya Australia is a newly founded charitable organisation, established in 2019 by Nicola Baker, the mother of a Moyamoya warrior, Jed, who had his first stroke at 11 months old.


Moyamoya Disease is a disease of the brain, where it can cause stroke and bleeds on the brain. It is progressive. Jed has had multiple brain surgeries and a renal artery bypass, and unfortunately, there is no further intervention available to Jed in the event that the Moyamoya Disease continues to impact his brain. This means Jed is therefore palliative. We all believe in miracles, though, and Jed celebrated his 18th birthday on the 5th October 2021.


Moyamoya Australia has been established to raise awareness of this rare disease, and to give support to those who are living with Moyamoya Disease. We join in to celebrate World Moyamoya Day each year on the 6th May and work tirelessly to share our story so that this disease is not misdiagnosed.


Moyamoya Australia’s Mission and Fundraising Goals:


✔ To raise awareness and understanding of the rare disease Moyamoya;

✔ To provide support and resourcing in terms of information to Moyamoya Disease patients and their families;

✔ To work towards providing limited financial assistance on a single payment basis to patients of Moyamoya Disease or their primary carer.


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